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On-Demand Resources

Access to Capital is an Advantage, make full use of it.

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Building engaged Communities

With 12+ years of proficiency in Consulting and Technology service delivery, AlignIT Solutions have built standards and processes to ensure best experience to our Customers. While Service delivery is commoditised, the distinctive Integration process ensure monetizability. Be it Business Analytics,Cloud Adoption,Digitalisation,On-Demand Resourcing, Digital Marketing ,
the Value is Guaranteed.

Business Analytics

Business AnalyticsBig data and Business Intelligence are creating profound new opportunities for business.

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On-Demand Resourcing

On-Demand ResourcingAccess to Capital has enormous Advantage, so avoid huge spending for Resource acquisition.

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Digitalize your BusinessCognitive functions make your employees passionate, mundaneness leads to dispassion.

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How We Work


About Us

Generalists and Specialists

Our Senior Consultants cover a wide spectrum of Technical areas and Business domains. All of our major engagements get verified by the Senior team, so that the Solutions align to the Client's Technical and Business Architecture.

Commoditised Service Delivery model

Processes and Templates developed and refined from years of combined experience ensure repeated delivery of engagement outcomes. While the delivery standards are consistent, distinctive Client integration ensure that the new Capability can be monetized as early as the Delivery process is started.

Pre-built Asset Library

Our technical asset Library has built more than 10 thousand re-usable proprietary components, ready to be re-used in Technology Solutions.

Ecsello Platform

The digital organisation that has commoditised service delivery, and scalable to infinite capacity, enabled by AWS and Machine Learning

How it Works

Reflections from Our Customers.

Clarity, not surpises, reflected through out the engagement. The integration, both in terms of technology and business process, enabled us to reap the benefits without causing any interruptions to our business.

Some Customer feedbacks

The task and team management processes was easy to follow and at the same time enormously beneficial to measure the progress and capture the feedback from users and our IT team.

Andrew Hill Merchandise Planner, FMCG Retailer

We never thought things were this easy and cheaper to host our applications on the Cloud. AlignIT's Consultants explained the solution alternatives on a mid to longer term. Our entire business data is now hosted on AWS.

Simon Hoffmayer General Manager, Hospitality Service Provider

Our Marketing budget is now significantly lower and the number of Customer enquiries have more than quadrupled after engaging AlignIT for SEO and digital marketing services.

Govind Pant GM, Theme Park Operations

The capacity utilisation of our facilities doubled after we engaged AlignIT to platformise the way services were provided. We are not a local operator, but customers from US and Europe.

Khalid Khusro Owner, Fitness Centre

We were thinking about migrating our CRM application to the cloud, but didn't have technical skills in our business. AlignIT documented and presented various options. The infrastructure now cost less than one-fifth.

Maire Ryan Owner, Real Estate Agency