Faster Monetisation

Disruptions are frequent, so don't get disrupted
To disrupt the status quo is difficult, so is not to get disrupted. Intrinsic value means almost nothing unless it contribute to the top line number. Your capabilities are your assets, but if it is not fetching revenue then the productivity is zero. It costs money to maintain the capability.
Asset Utilisation & Service Bundling
The two concepts that is the core of disruptors are better utilisation of assets (doesn't matter who owns it) and service bundling. As a Service-based capabilities, once integrated to your business, mostly cost only based on usage. Most of them cost almost nothing, while you promote your capability.
Value is Customer's View
The Value of your offering (product/service) is dependent on Customer's context. Your brand value can certainly gold-plate your offering, but personalising the offer often is attributed to added value.

External factors, such as political and demographical events very rarely have huge impacts on your business. Humans have been finding it hard to understand themselves, but these days the big Social Media Companies have understood most of your behaviour, which is why they can easily target you for marketing products/services to you. This is because they have the data about your interactions. Your business operations have created invalueble data about how you operate and your customer interact, which if analysed can be used to understand the effectiveness of your capabilities.