Scope, Goal and Vision

Nothing succeed like Success
The service implementation is commoditised by capturing and outlining of the roadmap that takes you from As-Is to To-Be. Capabaility building depends on many factors such as, technology, execution, operations, delivery model, in-source/out-source decisions etc. But clarity comes from honest and timely contributions from both service proviser and Customer. Everybody has good intentions because the parties' success is their too.
Services are not like Products
Compare how a high-tech product get consumed by prosumers and average consumers.The prosumer enjoy all features of it and so gets full value of it, while a layman uses a few functionalities, but he/she may still be happy. The same applies for consumption of services, but unlike products Customer is not required to RTFM, but we integrate it's planned features to your environment.
Customised Integration
While the service implementation is commoditised, meaning anybody who engage us for similar services get the same output, the delivery is customised to make sure that the delivered service is fully integrated to customer's business process.